Does Kim K Really Set Fashion Trends?

With the year just having started, many fashion trends have either fallen off completely or gained popularity in recent months. And naturally, various celebrities and influencers have created some of the best current fashion trends. However, when was the last time Kim Kardashian set a trend? Regarding online shopping, it has become effortless to delve deeply into the modern-day fashion world to see what is hot (and what is not). And lately, Kim Kardashian has not been a trending name despite some of her outfits ending up on popular sites such as Club L London. And this raises an important question; do people even purchase any of her Club L London dresses? Does Kim Kardashian set any fashion trends anymore?

Why Kim K Has Seen a Fall in Popularity

Lately, there has been a significant decline in the mention of Kim K’s name across social media. Unless it is gossip involving her family or ex-husband, Kanye West, there is not much to be said about the once-popular celebrity. In fact, a quick Google search or scrolling through forums on the celebrity will warrant you an array of reasons why she is no longer a trendsetter. For example, other younger stars such as Doja Cat and Dua Lipa have sported some fantastic outfits at popular events. As a result, many people have begun to question why Kim has failed to keep up with any of these trends. A word thrown around a lot when it comes to her style is ‘outdated’, with various parties collectively agreeing that she does not keep up with new aesthetics. And this is true. Perhaps her style would have been warmly welcomed in 2018, but in this day and age, a new generation of fashion has emerged.

Is Kim K Too Old for New and Current Fashion Trends?

As a woman in her early 40s, it is never too late to keep up with new fashion trends. For example, Cyber-Chic and E-Girl aesthetics are a huge trend currently. But so are Gothic, Oversized and 90’s/Retro styles. With this in mind, there are an array of outfits that would be well-suited to Kim K’s preference. In fact, looking back at her recent outfits, a few are pretty similar to the current popular trends, save for a few accessories or stylistic choices. While yes, it is true that her fashion sense may be outdated, it would not take much effort on her part to update them. However, her comfort may also significantly affect her decision to retain her current style.

Does Kim K Really Wear the Same 15 Outfits Every Year?

While this is not necessarily bad if it were the case, Kim K does not wear the same outfits in rotation each year. It is just a matter of her outfits being repetitive in terms of style, colour, and originality. For example, if you are someone who enjoys wearing darker colours, eventually, your outfits may seem redundant as those are the only colours you are seen in. A similar phenomenon is occurring with Kim K, as she has yet to update her fashion style. Now and then, there are some great additions to her fashion line-up, but then it is back to square one at other times. Also, regarding social media, Kim may not always be glammed up or attempting to set a trend. Sometimes she just wants to hang out at the pool and have fun with her family and/or friends. Ultimately, while she is a fashion icon, she is also human and deserves a break.

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