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7 Tips for Picking the Best Aircon Unit

Installing an air conditioner unit in your home can make a lot of difference in your everyday life. If you live in a humid area, you can just chill in your room when it’s too hot outside. You can also sleep better at night because of the ideal low temperature that helps your body relax. So, if you want one, maybe now is the right time to look for the best aircon unit for your home.

Buy Air Conditioners Online and browse top-quality air cons from reputable brands. But before you do that, here are tips to help you find the ideal air conditioner that suits your needs.

1. Decide on a System Type

The right system type of the aircon will greatly impact your purchase. Each available type only caters to specific needs, available space, and, of course, your budget. So before checking out, here are the different types of air conditioners to see which one is ideal to install in your home.

Centralized Aircon

Most modern homes have structures that fit a centralized aircon type. So, if you also bought a new property or will just purchase a new one, this is the aircon type you should consider. With this type, you can have cooler air throughout the house since the connection is direct with the ductwork.

The only downside of this type is that it can be quite expensive for an ordinary household, and since it also brings cooler air, it can cause high energy bills.

Window-Type AC

This aircon type is the most common one you will see in every house. As its name suggests, this aircon is similar to a window. Since it’s wall-mounted, the window-type AC is ideal for those with smaller rooms. This type is also cheaper and easy to maintain. However, a window AC can get too noisy while running, so this might not be ideal if you prefer total silence while sleeping at night.

Split-Type AC

As its name implies, this aircon type splits into two as it has an indoor and an outdoor unit, which works together to regulate your home’s thermostat. Like window ACs, this is also wall-mounted but elevated near the ceiling. Spit-type ACs also work best for smaller homes or rooms. But if you have a spacious house, this may not fit your needs, or you may want to choose those with higher horsepower.

Portable AC

If you often move places or live in an apartment, a portable AC is the ideal solution to beat the heat in your home. You can easily move this around, and it is perfect to place in a spot where you often rest or lounge. But since it is a portable unit, it will also not work well in larger spaces and operate noisier.

2. Check Available Room Space

Next, you should also consider the space in your room where you want to install the aircon. As previously written, only certain types of aircon work best for smaller rooms. So, if you install it in a larger room, you will just waste electricity consumption since the aircon won’t be able to cool the entire place.

To avoid buying the wrong type for your room, you should check about the British Thermal Unit (BTU) or the measurement indicating how efficiently an aircon is cooling a room. Remember that the larger the room, the higher the BTU you need for your aircon.

3. Measure the Size

Aside from your available space, measure the size of the aircon unit as well. Ensure that the size of the unit you buy will fit perfectly on the available space at home, with a few allowances. That way, it won’t look too cramped.

4. Consider Climate in Your Area

Of course, if you live in hotter places, buying an aircon can be necessary. But if not, you may want to consider picking a different thermostat system to install in your home, which has an interchangeable heating function when the winter comes.

5. Check Available Features

To make the most of your purchase, focus not only on the basic or essential factors when choosing an aircon unit. You may also want to look for several features that make your usage more convenient. These features include:

  • Motion detector
  • Night mode or quiet mode
  • Remote control
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Smart control
  • Timer

6. Look for Energy-efficient Options

Since using aircon is energy-consuming, choosing an energy-efficient unit will save you a lot from your monthly bills. So, when shopping for a new aircon unit, check the star rating, such as the EER (emergency efficiency ratio) and the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). You can also check for the available energy-saving features, like setting the unit to energy-saving mode.

7. Don’t Forget to Check the Warranty

Lastly, check the warranty of the aircon unit you are planning to buy. Like other home appliances, most air conditioner units have a one-year warranty. But aside from the duration, review the coverage, such as installation or repairs for leaks and other problems. All these factors can save you budget and guarantee the right value for your money.

Invest in High-Quality Air Conditioners

As you shop for the best aircon unit for your home, always consider your needs before your wants. Using an air conditioner at home can be expensive in the long run, so if you’re not prepared enough, you can avoid excessive energy bills. And, most importantly, you can enjoy a more relaxing and cooling atmosphere at home.

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